Computer full form-How does work computer

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Computer full form

C- commonly
M- machine
U-used for

What is a computer ?

A computer is an electronic device that is used to solve arithmetic and logical operation
basically, a computer is an electronic machine that can carry out the calculation and is able to store information. the computer is used as a control system for a wide variety of industrial and consumer order to do these things, a computer uses different programs for specific tasks. you read computer full form, read more about the computer.

Exp- it has a word processing program for typing letters and a program called a web browser for searching and browsing the internet. The computer comes in different Sharpe and size like – laptops, desktop tablets but they are all able to perform the same or similar task. early computers only conceived as calculating devices. since ancient times, simple manual devices like the abacus aided people in doing calculations.conventionally a modern computer

consists of at least one processing element, typically a central processing unit (CPU)in the form of a metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) microprocessor. along with some types of computer memory, typically MOS semiconductor memory chips. the first programmable computer, designed by Charles Babbage in the 1830s, was mechanical rather than electronic.

1st generation-1940-1956 based on vacuum tubes
2nd generation-1956-1963 based on transistors
3rd generation-1964-1971 based on integrated circuits
5th-generation present and beyond based on artificial intelligence

you read computer full form, read more full form.

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