NGO Full form-What is the 3 best thing about NGO

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NGO full Form

 NGO full form -Non-governmental organizations

What is NGO?

NGOs are non-governmental organizations or non-governmental foundations. An NGO is a non-profit organization whose main aim is to help in solving the social problems of the community. This organization is generally tax-exempt and some governments fund some organizations for the same purpose.

What is NGO and how it works?

NGO full form

These organizations are funded by different private sectors or governments. These projects range from business, environmental protection, and education, among others. Sometimes these projects are used as a foundation for future social programs.  companies and other private sector investors.

Who are the people behind the activities of NGOs? The activities of NGOs can be broadly divided into four areas: “economic development,” “social development,” “environmental protection” cultural education.” Some of the organizations are recognized and the goal of the mission statement is to give support to the cause of those who are working towards their achievement.


NGO’s are nor “owned” by anyone and can’t distribute profits through the shape of dividends intrinsically. Whatever profits they’ll earn from economic activities are reinvested or spent on appropriate non-profit activities.

The typical sources of revenue for non-governmental organizations are donations, funding grants from unilateral and multi-lateral agencies, membership fees, miscellaneous sources and interest and dividends on investments.

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What is an example of an NGO?

An example of an NGO could be the Blood Transfusion Service. Blood Transfusion Service is working towards improving the health of the people in Africa through the help of their African blood donors.

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