PGDCA Full Form – What is PGDCA

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PGDCA full form






PGDCA full form

PGDCA  full form Basic information

PGDCA is a type of diploma computer application course for one year, this course divided with two-semester each of 6 months.anyone can do after 10th, +2, and graduation in any field. This course offered by many UGC recognized universities, colleges & academy in India. there are so many short term courses available like DCA & BCA, DCA Stand for Diploma computer in an application, and BCA stands for Bachelor’s degree in computer.

PGDCA through you can learn many programming languages like java,c++,oracle-VB, telly, web designing, system analyses, data processing, ms-dos & Windows OS, etc.   Benefits of this course if you want to job in accounting easily get through this course many other advantages you can take through this course.

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JOB benefits 

It will help to work during job sector like,

  • Banking
  • Accounting
  • Programming
  • Web design
  • Data analysis
  • Railways
  • Tata
  • Birla
  • reliance
  • Hotels
  • Clark
  • College
  • privet sector
  • Govt sector
  • Factory
  • Shop

After this course, if want to make a career with the IT sector then this course will give you a big boost.

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