URL full form- How does url work

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URL  full form Uniform Resource Locator.

URL full form-uniform resource locator, It is the address of a resource, which can be a specific webpage or a file, on the internet.it was created in 1994 by Tim Berners-lee.url is a specific character string that used to access data from the worldwide web. It is also known as a web address when it is used with Http. its a type of URI -uniform Resource identifier.there are three parts of a well-formed URL first is network protocol (the front part that tells the browser how to process it, like; Http:// or https:// or other)second is the domain or hostnames like fullformclass.com or www.fullformclass.com, and third is the file or directory path like index.html or/ products. a whole string of other strange characters may follow that, as a way to send tracking information to the server. every URL contains information like the scheme name or protocol, a colon, two slashes, a number, and full path of the resource.

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Every URL contains the following information-

  • A colon, two slashes.
  • The scheme name or protocol.
  • A host normally called a domain name.
  • A colon followed by a port number.
  • Full path of the resource.

What is URI?

URL full form & stand for a uniform resource identifier. it is a generic term for all the name and address which show objects on the worldwide web.it is generally a sequence of characters which identifies a logical resource or the name and location of the file or resource in a uniform format.

How do I get a full URL?

  • Do a google search for the page you want to find.
  • Click the search result with the URL you need. this will take you to the site.
  • In your browser’s address bar at the top of the page, click once to select the entire URL.
  • Copy the URL by right-clicking it. selecting copy.
  • Past the URL by right-clicking it.

What is the image URL?

Most commonly, a URL refers to the web address of a webpage. its what you type into the address bar on your browser.AN image URL acts in much the same ways, its the internet address of an image found on a web page.in most cases, the image URL will end with PNG, JPG, BMP, or JPG, all specific image formats.

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